11:2 - D&D Motor

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11:2 - D&D Motor

Product Description

Golf Cart Motors : 170-011-0002 : 24 MPH - 15 % Less Torque (Golf Cart Motor)

Performance Specifications
(Golf Cart Motors)

Vehicle Speed :‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ24 MPH

Torque Enhancement :‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ-15 %

Motor RPM :‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ5550

Peak HP :‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ11.1

Part #‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ170-011-0002‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ- Club Car Series‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Car Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊworks on 48V Club Car Series‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊModels. The‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Car Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊis Made in the USA‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ- 11.1 HP - 24 mph - 15% LESS torque.‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ(Golf Cart Motors)

This Club Car 48 Volt Electric‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Cart Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊMounts to the Stock 10 Tooth Club Car Differential Spline. This 6.7 inch Diameter Blue Yamaha‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Cart Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊHas Increased Copper & Steel Content For More Power and Higher Thermal Capabilities.‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊCan Be Used on 36V or 48V.

To Confirm That this Specific Motor is Best For Your Golf Cart Setup, Application, & Performance Requirements, Go To the D&D Motor Systems Choosing A‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Cart Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊTool.‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ

We are the actual‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊelectric golf cart motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊmanufacturer, D&D Motor Systems, Inc. We design and manufacture these‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊgolf cart motors‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊin Syracuse, NY and distribute the‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊAlltrax controller‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊwhich is also Made In The USA. Just connect with us during business hours. Our Blue‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Cart Motors‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊare the last‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊgolf cart motors‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊbeing made in the USA. ("If its NOT Blue, its NOT true Red White and Blue!!!")

Made In the USA

Golf Cart Motors - High Performance - 180 ‰ö_Ìàå‰ö_C Thermal Rating (Class H) - Golf Cart Electric Motor

Our‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊgolf cart motors‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊcontain more copper and steel than our competitors.
This allows for greater current flow‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊand better thermal capabilities.
All materials in the motor meet or exceed the Class H thermal rating specifications.‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ

  • Easy install with NO controller programming.
  • Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. components.
  • Made with more steel & copper and thus provides better thermal capabilities.
  • Less current draw and thus longer vehicle range.


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