12" Machined Diamond Wheel on 215/40-12 Backlash Tire Set - Fits Golf Cart

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Having a new set of tires and wheels can transform the look of your cart. The 12” Machined Diamond Wheel on 215/40 Backlash Tire Set will help you get that new street look you have been looking for. The Diamond wheel is an aluminum 8 spoke wheel with riveted accents and a machined finish. The Diamond wheels come mounted on 215/40 Backlash tires which should give you that popular low profile look.

*This set contains standard lug nuts. Yamaha golf carts require metric lug nuts, part PF11156, which can be purchased separately.

  • Includes: 4-12”Machined Diamond Wheel on 215/40 tires assemblies, 16 lug nuts, and 4 center caps

  • Fits Club Car, EZGO and Yamaha Golf Carts*

  • Aluminum Diamond wheels have a machined finish

  • 12 x 7 wheel size. 4” + 3” off set with 4 on 4 bolt pattern

  • 215/40 Backlash tires are 4 ply dot directional tires

  • May require mid-rise lift for proper fit


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