Club Car PDPlus - 400 Amp Regen - 14-21 mph & 20 % More Torque - 5k-0

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Club Car PDPlus - 400 Amp Regen - 14-21 mph & 20 % More Torque -  5k-0

Product Description

Alltrax Controller - Club Car (PDPlus) Controller : 400 Amp for 36 & 48V - Alltrax Golf Cart Speed Controller

Performance Specifications
(Alltrax Controller)

Vehicle Speed :‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ*14 - 21 MPH
*Depending on Programming

Torque Enhancement :‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ+20 %

Part #:‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ ‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊXCT-48400-PDPlus‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ- This‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊREGEN‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊClub Car Controller‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊworks on‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊREGEN‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊClub Car (PDPlus)‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Carts‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ- Year 1996 & Later - 36 or 48 Volts.‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ

To Confirm That this Specific‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊAlltrax Golf Cart Speed Controller‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊis Best For Your Golf Cart Setup, Application, & Performance Requirements, Go To the D&D Motor Systems Choosing A‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Cart Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊTool on thier website.‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ


‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊ- This Controller‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊCAN‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊbe used on the following Makes & Models: EZGO (DCS,PDS & TXT48),‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊYamaha 48V (G19/G22 & G29) as long as D&D Motor Systems, Inc is told during the order entry process. This is so that we can ship the‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊAlltrax Controller‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊwith the‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊproper adapters & settings.

ALL our Controllers are‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊMade In the USA


  • Alltrax Controllers:¬â√∂_√å√†√•√Ǭâ√õ√äDC motor controller for separately excited motors (not series)
  • ABS + PC510 flame resistant thermal plastic enclosure
  • All copper heat sinks
  • Sealed epoxy UL-94-VO / 5VA flame rating (best in industry)
  • Adjustable undervoltage cutback 16-30 VDC
  • Adjustable overvoltage shutdown 30-60 VDC
  • Operating Frequency: 18k Hz
  • Voltage drop @ 100amps: <.18V
  • Control voltage KSI keyswitch and reverse: 36-48V Nom, 62 VDC Max
  • Powered Up Standby Current <.02A (20mA)
  • Relay solenoid drive output current: 5amp peak, 1.0A Continuous
  • Power lead bolt thread size = 5/16ths

  • Fuse
  • Operators Manual
  • 5/16ths Power Lead Bolts

Alltrax Controller- Club Car Controller - Alltrax Golf Cart Speed Controller


  • XCT48400-PDPlus
  • 400 Amps
  • 36 or 48 Volts
  • Many Programmable Throttle Options
  • Auto Throttle Calibration
  • USB 2.0 Programming Port With Free Software

******************************** Important Information **************************************

Alltrax Controller Connections - Direct Fits For:

  • EZGO - DCS & PDS.
  • Club Car - IQ, Precedent, I2, & Excel.
  • Yamaha - G19, G22, & G29.
Add On Options Available
  • Universal Mount - Makes For a No Drill Install.
  • Hi-Reliability Fan Panel - Designed using Floating Dual Bearing Design so that many years of service can be enjoyed in harsh environments.
  • "ON The Fly" Performance Adjustments via the Alltrax Controller FN Box.
Unmatched Quality And Support Service in the‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊGolf Cart Motor‰ö_Ìàå‰ÛÊmarket.
  • Product defect rate less than 0.2%
  • Fastest turn around and order fullfillment in the industry.
  • Industry changing Choose a Motor Tool ensures the right¬â√∂_√å√†√•√Ǭâ√õ√ägolf cart motor¬â√∂_√å√†√•√Ǭâ√õ√äevery time.
  • 100% Designed & Made in the U.S.A. with U.S Parts.
  • Key Management has over 50+ Years of Golf Cart Motor manufacturing experience

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