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Club Car Suspension

Suspension plays a very vital role in a cart's safety, therefore we highly recommend that you check out our line of suspension products that provide a smoother ride on all types of roads. We carry all types of Front Suspensions, Rear Leaf Springs and Rear Shacks. Get yours today!

Importance of club car suspensions and more 

Golf cars are no longer limited to being used on golf courses. Indeed, quite a lot of people find driving these convenient utility vehicles off the course as well. These recreational cars can come quite handy for traveling short distances in style. They are quite trendy and environment-friendly as well. 

Furthermore, they also play a pivotal role in the game of golf. Golf carts prevent wasting time in moving from point to another along the course. The players also get an opportunity to catch up and engage in conversations between shots.  

Club car suspension is indeed a need of the time in such circumstances, as it is of high quality and offers a smooth ride. If a golf cart is to be maneuverer smoothly, the suspension is crucial. It is the golf cart suspension which determines how smooth of a ride you will have. If you feel that the cart is riding roughly or sagging, take it as an indication that the golf suspension parts might have to be replaced. 

Why is it worth spending on high-quality Golf cart suspension parts? 

If you are using your golf cart off course as well, it becomes all the more critical that you get your hands on the best golf cart suspension possible. Indeed, it is not unheard of for people to crash in trees or other vehicles since they couldn't maneuverer their golf cart properly owing to subpar golf cart suspension. 

When you think about suspension parts upgrades, you primarily have three options. Club car suspension is among the most popular and preferred choice that users revert to. However, the Yamaha golf cart suspension upgrades indeed offer tough competition. And then there is the option of EZ go golf cart suspension. All three brands enjoy a profound reputation in the golf world. 

A bit about EZ Go 

This brand was established back in 1954 and since then has attained great heights. The golf carts and parts produced by EZ Go are not only reliable but optimal in functionality as well. They are quite reasonably priced as well. 

The Club Car suspension and other details 

Club car front suspension is considered to be the best in the market. If you own a deluxe golf cart, Club car suspension upgrades would be the best option. Their products are provided with innovative features and utilize cutting-edge technology to produce the best results. Club car suspension and other parts are easy to change and highly reliable as well. 


This brand warrants no introduction. Paying utmost attention to innovation and quality, they cater to the requirements of golf cart users to perfection. 

The golf cart suspension kit you need

The thing that needs to be kept in mind is that suspension is crucial for the cart's safety. Thus, even if you have to pay a little extra for the club car suspension, it would be worth it. Once you install a reliable and high-quality golf cart suspension, you would be able to get a smooth ride on all types of roads. 

Remember; whether it is the front suspensions, rear shacks, or rear leaf springs, you need to opt for nothing but the best.

Once you buy the club car suspension, you will need a compatible kit as well. Various options are available in the market.

Drop spindle lift kits are easy to use and affordable and use the standard suspension of the cart. On the other hand, the A-Arm lift kits completely replace the golf cart's front suspension to ensure that you get a smoother ride.

Block lift kits give your cart a boost in height. The long travel kits, which are the most expensive, have independent rear and front suspension systems. 

Things to look for in your club car suspension

If you want to upgrade your golf cart parts and get a new suspension, there are certain features that you should give importance to. These include; 

  • Durability
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Smooth rides ensured
  • Longevity 

At Wild about Carts, you will get the golf cart suspension parts. If you want an upgrade, this is the place to rely on. They offer everything from Club Car suspension to rear shacks. Remember, if you intend to use your golf cart to flaunt a trendy vehicle off course as well, quality is not something that should be compromised on.