Safety & Accessories

Golf Cart Safety & Accessories

Riding a golf cart is the ultimate thrill and all of us enjoy it, but at times enjoying a golf cart ride can be hazardous. Golf carts are wide open from all sides and accidents can happen any time. If you own a golf cart and often take your family out for a ride, we recommend you to ensure your golf cart safety first. If you plan to take out your golf cart on the street, you need to take measures to make it street legal. In this post, we will suggest some significant accessories to ensure golf cart safety for your family, especially children.

Golf Cart Accessories

In order to ensure golf cart safety for you and your family while you decide to ride on a sunny day, Wild About Carts offers all sorts of golf cart accessories to make your drive entertaining and safe at the same time. Our collection of golf cart accessories ranges from golf cart rear view mirrors and parts, golf cart seat belts to light kits and windshields. 

Golf Cart Seat Belts

If you aspire to drive your golf cart on the street and take your family for a ride, make your cart street legal by installing seat belts in your golf cart. Golf cart seat belts ensure the safety and protection of anyone riding with you and let you enjoy your drive worry free. Wild about carts offers all sorts of Club Car, Ezgo and Yamaha golf cart seat belts manufactured with top quality material.

Golf Cart Mirrors & Parts

As part of road safety, most states in the US have particular requirements to make your golf cart street legal. Like typical cars on the road, golf cart mirrors and parts for safety are a necessity. It is difficult to drive on the road without rear and side view mirrors. To help you keep an eye behind and on the sides of the road while driving your cart, we provide high quality, stylish golf cart mirrors and parts for the safety of your family and golf cart.

Golf Cart Parts

You don’t need to buy a new golf cart if you want to enjoy a ride on the road. You can upgrade your existing golf cart and take your family on a cruise. Just order new golf cart parts from Wild About Carts today and take your cart to the streets. A set of seat belts, rear and side view mirrors, lights and windshield for your golf cart can do the job.