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Club Car Precedent Body Kits

Club Car Precedent Body Kits & Parts

Are you looking to revamp your Club Car after its long-fought battle with the golf club environment? Look no further. We sell custom Club Car Precedent Body Kits that will make your car look as good as new. The sturdy acrylic-plastic kits have exemplary durability ensured by manufacturing giants, Doubletake and Madjax. We offer a plethora of colors for you to choose from, making your custom cart stand out in the crowd.

With time your golf cart becomes old-fashioned. Worse yet, its color fades or accidents result in dents. In such situations, you may turn towards a factory replacement. What we offer are the same quality Club Car Precedent Body Kits with similar prices but a wider range of designs and colors to choose from.

Our Club Car Precedent alpha body kits come in both hood and chrome grill models. That is not all. They also come in four different colors: blue, white, black, and red. The sturdy Club car doubletake body kits are a user favorite and come in twenty different colors. This kind of variety is similar for our Club car phantom body kits, which come at astonishingly competitive prices. The sought-after Phoenix range comes with a wide variety of front grills; diamond mesh, slotted chrome, and slotted black to name a few.

The Club car precedent body kits we sell are from industry leaders Doubletake and Madjax. With names like these, you can expect sturdy, acrylic-made club cart parts. The material will protect your cart from denting, and the color will last longer than just an ordinary paint job. We pride ourselves in the durability of our club cart body parts; the time for you to retire from golfing will approach but your cart will look as good as new.

Our procedure to acquire your Club Car precedent body kit is simple. Place an order online through our website. Most of our products are custom-made. It will take 15-20 business days to deliver the body kit. Then your club cart will be ready to turn heads at the club.

If you are in search of other club cart parts to refurbish your cart, we have got you covered. Our vast range includes brakes, steering, accelerator, wheels, and any other part you may need. Just browse through the website your desired part or contact us if something is missing.