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Club Car Lift Kits

Club Car Lift Kits

If you own a golf cart, you must have aspired and dreamt of taking your golf cart to the woods or driving it on difficult terrain. Sometimes, we wish for an adventurous ride on a golf cart or sometimes we look forward to a comfy, softer drive down the street. All these dreams can come true by adding lifted, meaty wheels and tires to your golf cart. If you are serious about this upgrade, you need to get one of the club car lift kits to do the job. In this post, we will help you choose the best club car lift kits for the golf cart upgrade.

Types of Club Car Lift Kits Available

Club Car Spindle Lift Kits: These kits are affordable, easy to install and comply with in built suspension. These give your golf cart a wider stance which enhances stability.

Club Car Axle Lift Kits:These kits replace your factory axle with a drop axle. This will drop your car's axle down to the spindles and increase overall stability and road grip, making the golf cart ride comfortable.

Club Car Long Travel Lift Kits:These kits elevate the overall performance of your golf cart. The long travel lift kit gives your machine to liberty for extreme off-roading. The kit makes your ride softer and stable and is considerably expensive.

Club Car A-Arm Lift Kits: These are the most commonly used Yamaha and Club Car lift kits which give your golf cart an independent suspension. These kits are strong and easy to install. A-Arm kits provide you with a greater look and better stability.


Club Car Lift Kit Brands Available at Wild About Carts

Madjax Lift Kit

If you are looking for something sleek, stylish and durable and want to enhance your club car’s stability and comfort, go for the Madjax lift kit. It is one of the best club car lift kits you can buy at an affordable price. Madjax golf cart lift kits offer all sorts of lift kits and accessories for your cart.

Jake’s Lift Kit

Jake’s is a premier provider of golf cart accessories, lift kits, wheels and tires. It provides all sorts of high quality Club Car lift kits at nominal rates. Jake’s also offers numerous club car precedent lift kits that you can conveniently order online from Wild About Carts.

The online store offers Club Car lift kits from top of the line brands in the market. No matter if you are looking for Club Car Precedent lift kits or a Club Car Ds lift kits, we have got your back. All club car lift kit parts are also available at discounted rates.