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Golf car controllers | Golf car tires and wheels

Posted by on Oct 7th 2019

Pairing Navitas controllers and Bigger tire size to optimize golf cart speed efficiency

More than 70% of the golf players prefer a cart with high-speed driving options. Even if you use these carts as Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) or Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV) for driving around in town, to increase the speed of your car, you need to do some extra upgradations. In this regard, you can either upgrade your golf cart controllers or go for modified Golf cart tires and wheels.

With an environment-friendly driving mechanism, comfortable drive, and variety of speed options, these carts can help you move from one place to another in a much effective and time-saving manner.

1.Speed amplification through Tires Modification:

Golf cart tires and wheels modification is the most economical channel for maximizing the speed of your cart. Surprisingly, bigger tires mean higher speed for golf carts without even the need of modifying its motors, batteries or controllers. Opting for the bigger tires of diameter 20” to 24” can alone add 2-4 miles per hour of speed to your cart. Still, choosing the right tire type remains a challenging task.

Types of Golf Cart tires:

  • Low profile tires:

Low profile golf tires are usually thin in their structure, specifically made to fit any golf cart which has no lift kit installation. With a variety of sizes from 8”, 10”, 12” to 14” these golf cart tires offer better grip on plain surfaces.

  • High Profile Tires:

High profile tires are majorly for offroad purposes. These tires are particularly the best fit for lifted golf carts with 8”, 10”, 12” & 14” sizes. Therefore, guaranteeing a perfect off-road grip while also maintaining the top-speed on irregular surfaces.

  • All-terrain tires:

All-terrain golf cart tires and wheels are for use on any road type but require golf cart lifting. Whether you need to drive the golf cart off-road or on-road, these tires offer the best surface grip, safety, and reliability.

2.Optimizing Speed through Navitas Controllers:

Speed controllers are the key driving components for your electric golf carts. Whether AC or DC, these golf cart controllers provide you full control over the performance. When shifting for an upgraded level of speed and efficiency, the Solenoid Contactor Relay goes hand in hand with Electronic Speed Controllers. These golf cart controllers and relay systems further remain fitted in accordance with the type of motor torque. So, to provide the best results and avoid bottleneck situations.

Navitas is one of the widely trusted and most reliable brands in the manufacturing of golf cart controllers. The company offers a huge variety of controller sets for every sort of golf cart; Yamaha, EZ Go, and Club Car. With Navitas, you can get the right vehicle harnesses, on the fly programmers and vehicle modules that perfectly suit the needs of your golf cart. Wild about Cars being the certified vendor of Navitas products offers you the best deals in town. Whether you need AC motor conversion, buy authentic parts, or opt for the fastest speed through torque enhancement Wild about Carts is your one-stop solution for all such needs.

The Takeaway:

Speed and performance efficiency for your golf cart mostly relies on two things. Golf cart Controllers and Golf cart tires and wheels. If you want the best results, then the use of Navitas controllers, AC motor conversions and torque enhancement in combination with a bigger tire size can provide the most efficient performance outcomes. Ultimately guaranteeing a completely safe, all-terrain grip while also maintaining the top speed of the cart. With Wild About Carts, you not only get genuine Navitas’ certified services and products but also efficient modification a quality fitting technical service. So, to provide you with the best results